Branding Gustavo
ONE TRIBE | Branding
One Tribe | Physical Fitness Center
FLAIR | Ico Crypto Blockchain
Flair | Ico Branding - Crypto - Blockchain - Bitcoin _ Digital coin
עיצוב אפליקציה ״ המקצוענים״
Stox - App and Web Design
Cool project or redesign a better version of app and web
Jewelry Designer Branding
Jewelry Designer Branding
Blended App Design
Still in progress
Traffic Lords Branding
Bonobo Branding
24 Hours
24 hours concept logo and web
Wall Mobile App IOS
just a cool me for more details
BLENDED | Branding
Startup Branding - Blended
Octopus Mobile App
Octopus branding & app
Blended | Wed Design
Blended Startup - Web Design
Eagle Mobile App
Telegram Eagle app
Logo Design 2015
Logos | 2015
Juice App
The Podium Logo Design
The Podium logo
VH logo | branding
VH logo design
Singulariteam Website
website for the singulariteam fund
Breezy Shirtz
Breezy shirtz is a casual and cool style of wear that will get you into the state of mind of being cool, relaxed and worry-free.
Fashion Branding
App Design
App design
DIY Lamp in memory of IL soldiers killed in Gaza 2014
In memory of israeli soldiers who killed in Gaza in 2014
Prezma Ui/Ux design
Prezma is a personal content advertising system, which distributes ads based on the Wisdom of the Crowd. Our product is monitoring in real time actions across web sites, mobile devices and 3rd party platforms, finding the relevant advertising systems and creating ads based on social content - targeting it to small scale and highly relevant audience.
Carlsberg Challenge
logo made by: "FIRMA"
Lancôme Israel | Hypnôse Star
Lancôme israel | Hypnôse Star
Lancôme Israel | ROUGE IN LOVE
Lancôme Israel | לנקום
Leffe Israel | לף ישראל
Lancôme Israel | VISIONNAIRE [LR 2412 4%]
Lancôme Israel | לנקום
Johnnie Walker | Dare To Discover
Dare To Discover
GUINNESS | Facebook
GUINNESS @ facebook israel interaction print!
Lancôme Israel | facebook
Lancôme Israel | לנקום
Neviot + | Facebook
Neviot+ in Facebook
Doggy Bag | Website
Doggy Bag Co.
Stella Artois | Facebook israel
Stella Artois | Facebook israel
"Telaviva" is a web site that help you to find a good apartment in tel aviv, israel. in the web u can find a view of the city in a small animations that reminds you why to live in tel aviv.
Johnnie Walker Israel | facebook
Johnny Walker Israel | facebook
36.7 Magazine for Hypochondriacs
Magazine for Hypochondriacs in hebrew.. made for people that think they sick all the time.
NOT A TALL | concept shop for short people
Not a tall is a brand shop for short people
Light bulb made from tea strainers
a light bulb made from tea strainers
israel ♥ Japan
israel ♥ Japan
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